Everyone probably remembers their very first car. Indeed, there are easier things in life than buying a car. People have saved money, spent nights awake, discussing with family members, friends or partner and dreaming about which car it was going to be. Then finally the big day arrives. The car is received and those first kilometers are driven with a smile bigger than the engine pushing you forward.

Unfortunately every beautiful song comes to an end. When we finally have to say goodbye to our car and the beautiful times it has been through threaten to become a distant memory, another problem arises. The purchase wasn't easy, the sale turns out to be even more difficult.

When you used to sell a car you went to the local garage or concession, which may still be a good choice, You placed an ad in the newspaper or you drove to a car market looking for the best price. In the year 2020 that landscape has changed, especially online. Not all buyers wear velvet gloves when working with your confidence, therefore it's probably not a good idea to give one buyer the monopoly on the purchase of your car. Online, we also regularly have to deal with dubious people, endless price negotiations at the door or worse.

It soon became our mission to find an answer to these problems and consequently to offer a solution. What if we were to map and screen all Belgian, and by extension Dutch, accredited garages? We would create a platform through which they could purchase cars at a monthly cost and through which private individuals or companies could sell cars in a safe and correct way, completely free of charge. In this way, we eliminate dubious persons that we would rather not get at our front door. By making good agreements about the selling price in advance, we also avoid the difficult negotiations. In short, we create a platform where buying and selling merge in an innovative way with the highest possible return for both parties. Talk about vision.

CarNet was born and we set to work. We soon realized that it would be a feat to turn our dream into reality... Mapping out all the garages turned out to be an ambitious idea, screening every garage even more ambitious. Nevertheless, we continued to work with the result of a high-performing online auction platform.

We are proud to report that every day many people choose to sell their car through us. Time and time again, we try to do so with passion, ethics and a tireless drive for results. We believe that the way in which we assist and help people in the sales process is what makes us the best on the market.

We would like to thank everyone for their trust.