CarNet - hoe het werkt


1. Fill in the form

Enter all details of your car such as year of construction, mileage etc. Try to make the description as complete as possible with pictures. The more information we receive the better we can help you with your bids.

2. Receive our price offer

Our experts will get to work and contact you as soon as possible with a price offer. The duration can vary from car to car. We commit ourselves to make you an offer as fast as possible, within 48h.

3. Payment and collection

If you agree to a concrete offer that we will make to you without any obligation, we will make an agreement and ensure that the car is picked up at a time that suits you best.

Finding the ideal buyer for a specific car is an art. There are many factors that have a decisive influence on the price and a good start is to make sure that the car is viewed by as many potential buyers as possible.

That is why we strive to keep innovating every day and to continue to expand our network of professional buyers with absolute quality so that we can offer you, the seller, a good price guarantee time and time again. Regardless of the type of car you wish to sell through us.

How exactly do we work to obtain a price? As soon as your car arrives on our platform, our experts get to work immediately. We will always contact you first to discuss the car in detail. We do this because afterwards the car will be auctioned at our no obligation auction, where subscribed garages will then make live concrete bids.

During this part of the process, our experience and expertise is crucial because we will make sure that the right people will see your car and the right arguments will be used, which increases the chance of a good bid exponentially.

Do you agree with the bid? Perfect! We will draw up an agreement for you. The agreed price is the amount you will actually be paid, the car must correspond to the description we have drawn up together. Payment can be made by bank transfer or, in accordance with the law, in cash. As a rule, the car will always be picked up at your home, subject to exceptions determined by the buyer or yourself.

Our promise to you is that, with unparalleled commitment, we will go for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction with both buyer and seller!